We’ve got some last minute gifts that don’t seem last minute!

We’ve got some last minute gifts that don’t seem last minute!

That’s right, it happened again. You swore that you wouldn’t let it happen this year, but then there was the kids’ thing, and mom was in the hospital, then the thing with the PTO, and now it’s only a couple days until Christmas and you still have half your shopping list to go. And, while you might be able to grab something quick for the mailman, your mother-in-law will surely notice that you didn’t put enough thought into her present.

But, fear not, we’re here to help. Here’s a few things you can come into the shop and pick up today!

Ready-To-Go Picture Frames

Obviously, we make frames. But for times when you need a quick, high-quality frame for a standard sized picture we keep a selection of frames in stock here at the shop. But the frames we stock are in a class by themselves. Our frames are made by Roma Moulding. They’re primarily a supplier of some of the mouldings we use to put together our custom frames, but they also sell a line of pre-made picture frames that are to die for. These aren’t cheap, slapped-together frames made in Chinese factories and sold everywhere. These frames are assembled by artists in Italy and sold only to specialty framing shops. As a result, they look just stunning, with a level of detail and craftsmanship that is obvious when you pick them up. Skeptical? Stop in the shop and take a look. Pick one up and feel the weight. Look at the layers of carving, color, accents and lacquers that go into the rich patina. Then compare it to a frame from Target. Add a picture of the grandkids and you’ve got a real head turner for someone who doesn’t need anything.

Gift certificate

We get completely booked up for custom framing well before Christmas, but that can be a good thing! Bring us in a picture of what you want framed, whether it’s three-dimensional objects, a picture or a painting. Or you can bring in a picture of the place this custom framing project will end up in. We’ll make up a quick frame with your picture and a gift certificate in it. That way you’ll have something really classy to wrap up under the tree and they’ll get to custom design their own project. Talk about win/win.We can even take a picture of what you think they’d want framed, or where they’d want to hang it and we’ll put it in a quick frame with the gift certificate to have a certificate that’s truly giftable.

A Christmas Shadow Box

So maybe you do want to make someone a super personal gift like a shadowbox, but you don’t have access to their most precious, personal keepsakes. Here’s another option! We’ve created some great Christmas themed shadowboxes that make a great gift and look really personal without costing a fortune. Stop by or give us a call and we can show you what we have ready to go!

There you go, three quick ideas that you can pull off today but will really wow the recipient. Or just stop by and we’ll help you get just the right thing for just the right person!

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